Friday, January 11, 2008

Web domains registered through 2007

Updating my post over a year ago, the number of domains registered in Armenia ( increased almost by 45 percent in 2007. Granted the numbers are small, but one is hopeful that this healthy growth will continue and even accelerate. The issues and concerns I had raised previously may still apply.

Number of Domains
1999 650
2000 1600
2001 2500
2002 2800
2003 2900
2004 3400
2005 4200
2006 6094
2007 8776

I am not sure who or for what purpose these new domains are put to use. It would be good if any of you can shed light on this.

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Вардан Гаспарян said...

I would suspect that with the globalization finally touching our isolated economy and more foreign brands earning their way into Armenian market, more and more domains will be registered by domai squatters and re-sold, at a proper time, to the representatives of the multinational companies. That would, IMHO, account for much of the increase in domains registered.