Monday, February 03, 2014

2014 Armenian Economic Association annual meetings

The Armenian Economic Association 2014 annual meetings will be jointly hosted by Yerevan State University (YSU), the Russian Armenian University (RAU), and the American University of Armenia (AUA) on June 20-22, followed by a workshop June 23, 2014.

Scholars, graduate students, and researchers are invited to present their research in all areas of economics. Papers may address growth and development issues in Armenia and the South-Caucasus, regional trade patterns, trends in labor markets and migration, the aftermath of the global financial crisis, or any other topic representing current advances in economics and finance. Both theoretical and empirical works are welcome. The language of the conference is Armenian and English, and sessions will be organized by language and JEL fields below:

• Microeconomics; Industry Studies
• Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
• International Economics
• Financial Economics
• Public Economics
• Labor and Demographic Economics, Health, Education, and Welfare
• Growth, Economic Development, and Transition Economics
• Agricultural, Natural Resources, and Environmental Economics
• Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics

If interested, please submit an abstract at, alternatively email it to aea2014[at] by April 15th. Submitted abstracts should be less than 500 words and include: title of paper, name(s) of author(s), affiliation, current position, an email address, and at least one keyword. In the abstract, please identify the research question, methods, and outcomes (obtained or expected). The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars, researchers, and students to promote the exchange of ideas and advance economics scholarship.

There is no submission fee nor any cost to present and participate. Contributions are welcomed by AEA.
If interested, apply for AEA membership here.